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“Globalisation, financial crisis, rating, increased competition, Euro crisis, growth markets, inflation, Basel III, state bankruptcy, technological developments, corporate bankruptcies…”

 who isn’t familiar with all the above terms and phrases that we can now see being used in the media on a daily basis? It is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain and run a successful business, regardless of the size of that business. Globalisation is here to stay, and developments are occurring at a furious pace. These days, in order to be successful it is more important than ever to have control of your business and to know your competition and the market: Do we have the right products? Can we successfully compete against our competitors? Is our organisation optimised in terms of personnel and processes? How can we increase our profitability? Do we have sufficient liquidity? Can we improve our financing? How is our relationship to our financiers and customers?

Toreme is completely up-to-date when it comes to the latest trends and opportunities. Our consultants have wide-ranging expertise and long-standing experience of working at management level for both financial institutions/banks and private companies. We are your partner in change and can provide you with support and guidance when it comes to both major and minor issues regarding your business. We work together with all types of companies and with all market actors.

Quo Vadis? Toreme! Your challenges are our motivation!

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Toreme - medlem i Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren!
Toreme - medlem i Tysk-Svenska Handelskammaren!